PostHeaderIcon Time to make a Start

      New Year, New Challenges  

I used to be a person who hated all the New Year New You stuff. I hated the commercialism of it all, the diet and fitness gear being rammed down your throat (figuratively!) by every TV show, magazine and paper.

I still hate the commercialism of it all, but I’ve begun to find that there is something uplifting about leaving the old behind.

Leaving the tiredness, the things that were so hard & draining about the old year. The battles that took so much to win.

I’d like to say that since I became a homeopath, everything got easier. It actually made me laugh out loud to type that.

Lots of things have got better, less complicated and I’ve found purpose where I didn’t have it before.

Let me put that purpose to work for you.

Make this year the one where you feel better.


Where things get easier because of the action you took.

It’s unlikely to happen on its own.                 



Go on.

I’ll help you.


PostHeaderIcon Hayfever isn’t just for Humans

It’s that time again, people round about me are starting to sneeze and people who know what I do for a living are asking me questions about allergies.
Usually at this time of year, I write a wee post about Hayfever as it can really make people’s lives a misery. I should know, I used to be one of them. Every exam season was made twice as difficult by streaming eyes, nose and a thumping headache.
I’m an animal lover too though and my life has been so much richer for the companionship of my pets. My German Shepherd is the second of the breed that I’ve had, and the second one with allergy issues and skin issues. She loves to play outside and a trip to the garden is eagerly anticipated, if not gently demanded. What is noticeable afterwards however, is that arrival of an itchy red rash on her undercarriage, in the areas that don’t have much fur. She’s allergic to grass.
If you’ve had an animal with allergies, then that’s usually a recipe for expensive vet treatment, and not something that you can just ignore. For the homeopath however, seasonal allergies are bread and butter, and easily dealt with without any fuss. My dogs happily take a remedy and in fact the other dog creates a fuss if he doesn’t get one too, which causes some difficulties as I don’t give placebos, even to dogs… my cats get an olfactory dose if they need treatment, as they are too nosy to resist sniffing the open bottle.
Homeopathy is great for animals, gentle, effective and quick. People too!


PostHeaderIcon Homeopathy is twice as effective as Placebo.

What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You is a monthly magazine that brings a useful perspective to many on health matters. I found this recent article on Homeopathy particularly interesting.
Seems to me that twice as effective can’t mean the same as…
Read it here, and as usual, make up your own mind.

PostHeaderIcon Homeopathy for the Commonwealth

So the spotlight is moving to Glasgow, Host of the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the city I call home. This is an exciting time for Glaswegians, as we are by nature a friendly, welcoming people. The influx of visitors will make our city an even more colourful place for a few weeks, not least with their bright, Games outfits.

I was out this week performing as part of the celebrations around the Queen’s Baton relay, having a wonderful time at Eastwood theatre.Lisa is wicked

However, sports events are not without incident, and injury can hinder or even spoil the years of training that athletes have worked so hard for. There is a great place for homeopathy in Sports Injuries, from strains and strains of all kinds to help after a fall. Homeopathy is used the world over for such injuries, and nowhere so effectively as in the Bundesliga, from where our new World Cup Champions, the German Football Team hail.

If you need help for a Sports Injury, whether you are an athlete, a dog walker, a hiker or just a casualty from playing football with your children in the park, Homeopathy can quickly come to your aid.

PostHeaderIcon Experiments on Memory of Water

In this month’s newsletter, Homeopathy for the 21st Century (HMC21) report on an experiment on the memory of water derived from work by Nobel prize winning Luc Montagnier. It is hugely interesting work, described here.

Montagnier Experiment on French Television

A one hour documentary On a retrouvé la mémoire de l’eau [Rediscovering the Memory of Water] has been broadcast by the state-owned France 5 television station and is also on You Tube.

The film looks at an experiment conducted by Luc Montagnier, who won a Nobel Prize for discovering the AIDS virus.

  • In France DNA from a patient infected with aids is serially diluted in a similar way to making a homeopathic potency;
  • Phials of this highly diluted material are then randomly mixed with phials of distilled water;
  • A phial of prepared DNA is identified from the randomised samples by its electromagnetic signature;
  • This signature is recorded as a digital file, and the file is transmitted to a laboratory in Italy;
  • There the file is used to generate an electromagnetic field, and a phial of distilled water is exposed to this field for one hour;
  • Protein bases and a catalyst are added to the the water, and the original DNA molecule is reconstructed;
  • The structure of the two DNA molecules in France and Italy are then analysed and compared, and are found to be virtually identical.

As they say, in theory this “is like making a photocopy without an original”, unless the homeopathic process of potentisation enables water to record information about material placed in it.

This experiment follows in the footsteps of Jacques Benveniste, and it is a particularly striking demonstration of how it is possible for homeopathic remedies to be active despite not having any of the original material in them.

PostHeaderIcon Still Sneezy with Sore Eyes?

This seems to be a very bad season for Hayfever. As a sufferer in my childhood, I was told I would grow out of it, and to an extent that was true, but in recent years I have begun to suffer again, along with many others who never experienced it’s scourge before.

FLower droplet
We get little enough summer in Scotland without spending the few sunny days in misery.
Homeopathy has transformed my life in many ways, and I certainly don’t endure Hayfever now for any longer than it takes to put the tiny dose under my tongue.

I can treat your hayfever as an acute condition in a half hour appointment at the special price of £35.
To book call me on 0141 954 6906 or email me
You too can wake up and smell the flowers!

Offer valid Summer 2014 only.

PostHeaderIcon Hayfever, Grass and Pollen

Everywhere I look, trees and flowers are bursting into life. Colourful and energetic, they don’t look like my enemy, yet they are.

Sneezing Time

The Misery of Hayfever

Since my childhood, sitting in overheated exam rooms with the windows open and the smell of newly mown grass all pervasive, punctuated with the sound of my sneezing and the misery that is Hayfever. Exams are hard enough without trying to ensure that you can actually concentrate and hold a pen and a hanky at the same time.
I’ve found it particularly bad this year, earlier and more vicious than usual.

Thankfully, I have my remedy box to resort to, and it has been very helpful indeed. If you want to use homeopathy for Hayfever, this is well within the capability of the home user and the key symptoms to note include itchy eyes, whether tears are acrid or not, and which nostril discharge predominates from. Arsenicum Album, Allium Cepa and Euphrasia are often helpful in classical homeopathic treatment.

For the more adventurous, a remedy made from Mixed Pollens can be very useful. The treatment of hayfever was the subject of some very interesting work by Dr David Reilly of the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital and you can read about this work in the British Medical Journal here.

PostHeaderIcon New Beginnings

It's February. Although I never actually enjoy the dawning of the New Year itself, I do really enjoy the fresh canvas. It's a bit like a new notebook, or a new jar of coffee – when you burst the foil and the aroma reaches your nose.

There's something intoxicating about the possibilities that this year could bring. I must admit that I'm glad January has gone, it's a bit of a dreary slog. But the advent of February sees me really looking forward.

Whether or not you made and kept resolutions in January, why not give yourself a new start now. In no time, spring will be here and a positive outlook will really help you. If your mood is too low, do think about having homeopathy. The right remedy is just fantastic for giving your spirits a lift. Only the other day, a patient phoned to say how much better her physical symptoms had become after treatment but also, she said how much better she felt in herself. Her spirits had lifted. It happens so often, and to see their happiness always lifts me too.

homeopathic green shoots


What could you achieve this year, if you just felt a bit better?

PostHeaderIcon Tired of New Year, New You?

I don't know about you, but I don't enjoy being lectured. Even although 2012 was one of the most positive years that I have ever had in terms of health & fitness, come January, I don't want a lecture in every newspaper, every magazine and from every self righteous TV presenter who hasn't consumed a whole meal since 1995.
This is not the part where I segue into a sales pitch. Actually, I thought the sales were a real disappointment this year.
If you're ready to take an active part in your health, then I'll be here to help. If you're not ready yet, no problem. I've been there too.
Have a good 2013.

health is hard work

PostHeaderIcon Seasons Greetings!

Do you enjoy Christmas? Or are you a Humbug, unabashed, or the secret type with a fixed grin?

I don't ask for my usual homeopathic picture reasons, but merely out of curiosity. I love Christmas, I always have. It's the childlike enthusiasm, change of routine and the fact that so many people are celebrating at the same time that brings out the Phosphorus in me.

Remedies for the season so far have mainly been Silica – too many people run down by stress and overwork has let the resultant colds develop into wee pus pockets in sinuses, ears, teeth etc.

So it is Christmas, and what have you done? Every year that line strikes a chord with me as I look back. If you do the same, I hope you allow yourself to be pleased with what you see. It's not the end of the world.

Merry Christmas and a Guid New Year to you and yours.