PostHeaderIcon Hayfever isn’t just for Humans

It’s that time again, people round about me are starting to sneeze and people who know what I do for a living are asking me questions about allergies.
Usually at this time of year, I write a wee post about Hayfever as it can really make people’s lives a misery. I should know, I used to be one of them. Every exam season was made twice as difficult by streaming eyes, nose and a thumping headache.
I’m an animal lover too though and my life has been so much richer for the companionship of my pets. My German Shepherd is the second of the breed that I’ve had, and the second one with allergy issues and skin issues. She loves to play outside and a trip to the garden is eagerly anticipated, if not gently demanded. What is noticeable afterwards however, is that arrival of an itchy red rash on her undercarriage, in the areas that don’t have much fur. She’s allergic to grass.
If you’ve had an animal with allergies, then that’s usually a recipe for expensive vet treatment, and not something that you can just ignore. For the homeopath however, seasonal allergies are bread and butter, and easily dealt with without any fuss. My dogs happily take a remedy and in fact the other dog creates a fuss if he doesn’t get one too, which causes some difficulties as I don’t give placebos, even to dogs… my cats get an olfactory dose if they need treatment, as they are too nosy to resist sniffing the open bottle.
Homeopathy is great for animals, gentle, effective and quick. People too!


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