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So the spotlight is moving to Glasgow, Host of the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the city I call home. This is an exciting time for Glaswegians, as we are by nature a friendly, welcoming people. The influx of visitors will make our city an even more colourful place for a few weeks, not least with their bright, Games outfits.

I was out this week performing as part of the celebrations around the Queen’s Baton relay, having a wonderful time at Eastwood theatre.Lisa is wicked

However, sports events are not without incident, and injury can hinder or even spoil the years of training that athletes have worked so hard for. There is a great place for homeopathy in Sports Injuries, from strains and strains of all kinds to help after a fall. Homeopathy is used the world over for such injuries, and nowhere so effectively as in the Bundesliga, from where our new World Cup Champions, the German Football Team hail.

If you need help for a Sports Injury, whether you are an athlete, a dog walker, a hiker or just a casualty from playing football with your children in the park, Homeopathy can quickly come to your aid.

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