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PostHeaderIcon Still Sneezy with Sore Eyes?

This seems to be a very bad season for Hayfever. As a sufferer in my childhood, I was told I would grow out of it, and to an extent that was true, but in recent years I have begun to suffer again, along with many others who never experienced it’s scourge before.

FLower droplet
We get little enough summer in Scotland without spending the few sunny days in misery.
Homeopathy has transformed my life in many ways, and I certainly don’t endure Hayfever now for any longer than it takes to put the tiny dose under my tongue.

I can treat your hayfever as an acute condition in a half hour appointment at the special price of £35.
To book call me on 0141 954 6906 or email me
You too can wake up and smell the flowers!

Offer valid Summer 2014 only.

PostHeaderIcon Homeopathy Works, Homeopathy can Cure You

Physician, heal thyself (King James Bible). Suffering from an onslaught of seasonal allergies, I have been taking this advice to heart & in the process, given myself a spectacular Flu acute. “Excellent”, I hear my homeopath friends say, “well done”. I’ve said it myself to my patients when this happens to them.
In explanation, often when there is a really good presciption, the body seizes upon the homeopathic remedy given and uses the information & energy provided by the remedy to produce a short lived acute illness. Since the fuction of an acute is Kill or Cure, most people find that their health improves significantly after the acute. This is why we say “Good” on hearing of it, not because we are sadists who wish to torture ourselves or our patients.
So, having survived the acute, I am now eagerly anticipating the improvement.