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PostHeaderIcon New Beginnings

It's February. Although I never actually enjoy the dawning of the New Year itself, I do really enjoy the fresh canvas. It's a bit like a new notebook, or a new jar of coffee – when you burst the foil and the aroma reaches your nose.

There's something intoxicating about the possibilities that this year could bring. I must admit that I'm glad January has gone, it's a bit of a dreary slog. But the advent of February sees me really looking forward.

Whether or not you made and kept resolutions in January, why not give yourself a new start now. In no time, spring will be here and a positive outlook will really help you. If your mood is too low, do think about having homeopathy. The right remedy is just fantastic for giving your spirits a lift. Only the other day, a patient phoned to say how much better her physical symptoms had become after treatment but also, she said how much better she felt in herself. Her spirits had lifted. It happens so often, and to see their happiness always lifts me too.

homeopathic green shoots


What could you achieve this year, if you just felt a bit better?

PostHeaderIcon Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Or any other day in Glasgow. The World's most changeable weather is apparently our new claim to fame – but perhaps one we'd rather not have.

Changeability in outlook is a feature of many Homeopathic remedies.Do you know anyone whose mood is Mercurial? Happy one minute, furious the next? And some who are normally sunny feel some very dark clouds at certain times, of the month or of the year.

Sad person, with no homeopathic recourse

Homeopathy has such a lot to offer on the subject of mood. It is one of its best features, how quickly the right remedy can help those in despair, in fear, or in grief. I wouldn't want to face the world without the helping hand of homeopathy in my pocket.