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PostHeaderIcon Experiments on Memory of Water

In this month’s newsletter, Homeopathy for the 21st Century (HMC21) report on an experiment on the memory of water derived from work by Nobel prize winning Luc Montagnier. It is hugely interesting work, described here.

Montagnier Experiment on French Television

A one hour documentary On a retrouvé la mémoire de l’eau [Rediscovering the Memory of Water] has been broadcast by the state-owned France 5 television station and is also on You Tube.

The film looks at an experiment conducted by Luc Montagnier, who won a Nobel Prize for discovering the AIDS virus.

  • In France DNA from a patient infected with aids is serially diluted in a similar way to making a homeopathic potency;
  • Phials of this highly diluted material are then randomly mixed with phials of distilled water;
  • A phial of prepared DNA is identified from the randomised samples by its electromagnetic signature;
  • This signature is recorded as a digital file, and the file is transmitted to a laboratory in Italy;
  • There the file is used to generate an electromagnetic field, and a phial of distilled water is exposed to this field for one hour;
  • Protein bases and a catalyst are added to the the water, and the original DNA molecule is reconstructed;
  • The structure of the two DNA molecules in France and Italy are then analysed and compared, and are found to be virtually identical.

As they say, in theory this “is like making a photocopy without an original”, unless the homeopathic process of potentisation enables water to record information about material placed in it.

This experiment follows in the footsteps of Jacques Benveniste, and it is a particularly striking demonstration of how it is possible for homeopathic remedies to be active despite not having any of the original material in them.