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PostHeaderIcon Hayfever isn’t just for Humans

It’s that time again, people round about me are starting to sneeze and people who know what I do for a living are asking me questions about allergies.
Usually at this time of year, I write a wee post about Hayfever as it can really make people’s lives a misery. I should know, I used to be one of them. Every exam season was made twice as difficult by streaming eyes, nose and a thumping headache.
I’m an animal lover too though and my life has been so much richer for the companionship of my pets. My German Shepherd is the second of the breed that I’ve had, and the second one with allergy issues and skin issues. She loves to play outside and a trip to the garden is eagerly anticipated, if not gently demanded. What is noticeable afterwards however, is that arrival of an itchy red rash on her undercarriage, in the areas that don’t have much fur. She’s allergic to grass.
If you’ve had an animal with allergies, then that’s usually a recipe for expensive vet treatment, and not something that you can just ignore. For the homeopath however, seasonal allergies are bread and butter, and easily dealt with without any fuss. My dogs happily take a remedy and in fact the other dog creates a fuss if he doesn’t get one too, which causes some difficulties as I don’t give placebos, even to dogs… my cats get an olfactory dose if they need treatment, as they are too nosy to resist sniffing the open bottle.
Homeopathy is great for animals, gentle, effective and quick. People too!


PostHeaderIcon Still Sneezy with Sore Eyes?

This seems to be a very bad season for Hayfever. As a sufferer in my childhood, I was told I would grow out of it, and to an extent that was true, but in recent years I have begun to suffer again, along with many others who never experienced it’s scourge before.

FLower droplet
We get little enough summer in Scotland without spending the few sunny days in misery.
Homeopathy has transformed my life in many ways, and I certainly don’t endure Hayfever now for any longer than it takes to put the tiny dose under my tongue.

I can treat your hayfever as an acute condition in a half hour appointment at the special price of £35.
To book call me on 0141 954 6906 or email me
You too can wake up and smell the flowers!

Offer valid Summer 2014 only.

PostHeaderIcon Hayfever, Grass and Pollen

Everywhere I look, trees and flowers are bursting into life. Colourful and energetic, they don’t look like my enemy, yet they are.

Sneezing Time

The Misery of Hayfever

Since my childhood, sitting in overheated exam rooms with the windows open and the smell of newly mown grass all pervasive, punctuated with the sound of my sneezing and the misery that is Hayfever. Exams are hard enough without trying to ensure that you can actually concentrate and hold a pen and a hanky at the same time.
I’ve found it particularly bad this year, earlier and more vicious than usual.

Thankfully, I have my remedy box to resort to, and it has been very helpful indeed. If you want to use homeopathy for Hayfever, this is well within the capability of the home user and the key symptoms to note include itchy eyes, whether tears are acrid or not, and which nostril discharge predominates from. Arsenicum Album, Allium Cepa and Euphrasia are often helpful in classical homeopathic treatment.

For the more adventurous, a remedy made from Mixed Pollens can be very useful. The treatment of hayfever was the subject of some very interesting work by Dr David Reilly of the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital and you can read about this work in the British Medical Journal here.

PostHeaderIcon Carry On Sneezing

It's hayfever time, or so the sneezing, running eyes & general grumpiness that I'm encountering would suggest.
Yet, my own eyes & nose remain tip top. I did suffer from Hayfever for many years, but now I'm no longer its prisoner, and the smell of new mown grass can be a pleasure once more.

What can Homeopathy offer to the Hayfever sufferer? sneezing
Freedom. Feel free to stick probes up your nose, or load up with anti-histamines if you prefer. But to those of you who need your wits about you during this exam season, I say this:-
Wouldn't you rather do the Homeopathic "one dose once" and then get on with your life?
Simples. Not sneezes.