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PostHeaderIcon Seasons Greetings!

Do you enjoy Christmas? Or are you a Humbug, unabashed, or the secret type with a fixed grin?

I don't ask for my usual homeopathic picture reasons, but merely out of curiosity. I love Christmas, I always have. It's the childlike enthusiasm, change of routine and the fact that so many people are celebrating at the same time that brings out the Phosphorus in me.

Remedies for the season so far have mainly been Silica – too many people run down by stress and overwork has let the resultant colds develop into wee pus pockets in sinuses, ears, teeth etc.

So it is Christmas, and what have you done? Every year that line strikes a chord with me as I look back. If you do the same, I hope you allow yourself to be pleased with what you see. It's not the end of the world.

Merry Christmas and a Guid New Year to you and yours.

PostHeaderIcon Swine Flu has flown or should that be limped off.

People may assume that because you are a Homeopath, you and your family never get ill. I wish that were true! However, it does give me an interesting attitude to illness that isn’t always appreciated by my nearest and dearest.

Can I take a picture of your Chickenpox? Ooh, look at the way the spots are lined up along the nerves. What do you mean I can only use the picture if it doesn’t show your face – that’s the best bit!

You’ve got a runny nose? Which nostril is worse? Is the discharge stinging or bland? What exactly is the sore head like? Yes, I thought so.

Take this remedy & you’ll be fine.

Swine Flu has been and gone – been duly experienced, examined, scrutinised, dosed and departed with less than a whimper, sent on it’s way with a dollop of Phosphorus. Mine was funny as I woke myself up laughing at 2am due to my high temperature – well I thought it was funny in the dream anyway. A few people seem to have been left with sore ankles…have any of you experienced that one?