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Experienced Professional Homeopath and Alternative medicine specialist, Lisa Chalmers graduated with Distinction from the acclaimed Scottish College of Homeopathy

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About Lisa


She says, "I believe in homeopathy because it worked for me, years ago, and it still works for me today"Lisa had a serious heart condition

"I had suffered from a serious heart condition for many years and was really desperate for help. Like many people, I turned to homeopathy as a last resort, after many disappointments with the failure of conventional medicines and other therapies.

With Homeopathy, my health improved dramatically, much to my surprise. I later decided to make the commitment to study homeopathy because I was so impressed and intrigued with the results - my body and my energy responded so well that I wanted to know why.

I don't believe in blind faith, nor would I expect you to. You don't need to believe in it to get better, but you do need to take the medicine. The science is complex, and difficult to understand, but that doesn't mean it doesn't work. It does mean that it needs to be correctly prescribed, by a qualified practitioner.

Homeopathy was originally the medicine of the elite, of the aristocracy and European Royalty.  It is well documented that the British Royal Family have used homeopathic medicine since the 1830s, with Her Majesty the Queen Mother Elizabeth I remaining as the principle royal patron of the British Homoeopathic Association until her death aged 101.

Scientists and doctors use homeopathy too
One of the most interesting facts about Homeopathy is that many, many Doctors and eminent homeopaths such as C.S. Hering initially set out to prove that homeopathy doesn't work, but through their study and experiments to disprove Homeopathy, they became convinced that it does work. They saw the evidence with their own eyes.  Most tellingly, they then began practicing homeopathy themselves. I have several medical doctors as patients in my practice.


Becoming a professional homeopath isn't easy. It is a big commitment.

I had spent many years as a Research  & Project Manager in both the public and private sectors and had a good career, and a mortgage. But life is like that, some things you just have to find a way to do. Lisa studied for 4 more yearsAlready having an Honours degree in Psychology, I trained for 4 years to become a qualified professional homeopath at the Scottish College of Homeopathy and graduated with Distinction after an incredible amount of hard work including 2 years of supervised clinical practice.

I practice in modern, integrated care, working alongside conventional medicine.

Make sure that you consult a qualified professional homeopath. It can be really counter-productive to see someone who has only trained for a few weekends or just "bolted" a bit of homeopathy" onto a wide range of therapies that they offer.

Using the remedies without understanding them properly could set your health back very badly.


Homeopathy treats the whole person. It recognises the role that our feelings and emotions play in our health, and in today's stressful world, I think that is essential. Weight of the world on your shoulders

As a mother, I wish that I had discovered homeopathy in those worrying years when my child was small. Now, it is my first resort."

Homeopathy great children animals
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