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Experienced Professional Homeopath and Alternative medicine specialist, Lisa Chalmers graduated with Distinction from the acclaimed Scottish College of Homeopathy

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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a complementary medicine which uses small doses called homoeopathic remedies to encourage the body. It is a very precise process, coupled with a meticulous prescribing consultation that takes much longer than an appointment with your GP.

Homeopathic Remedies are diluted and succussed

It really is all about you. A Homeopath considers how you are different and uses this to treat you, rather than conventional medicine which looks instead at how your symptoms are the same as those of other people, in order to diagnose and give you the same medicine as them. Patient Care

 We may both have a similar medical concern. Our GP might give us both the same medicine, but our Homeopath may prescribe a different homeopathic remedy for you than the one for me. We are different people, who lead different lives, and we often need different medicine.

It absolutely isn't about picking a pretty plant, dipping it in the nearest running stream, worshipping deities and hoping to get better. No belief or hope is required.

Call the Practice on 0141 954 6906 to see if homeopathy could help you.

It's your call.

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Opening Hours

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Contact Details

Contact Details

Lisa Chalmers Kilbarchan Clinic

Rosemount, Tandlehill Road,

PA10 2DD

Tel 0141 954 6906 

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Where we are

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